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Know The Sauce Variant

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Eating a piece of steak meat without sauce seemed less steady as tasteless vegetables without salt. Really OpenRicers? In fact, it is true, very rarely do people eat steak meat without the sauce accompanied. Then any sauce that usually accompanies the soft meat sirloin, tenderloin or wagyu. Generally, people order a steak with black paper sauce, mushroom or BBQ. And still, there is another steak sauce that is not less delicious who OpenRicers. And not just for steak meat just the following sauce is also suitable for use on the type of cuisine like fish, chicken and even vegetables. Let’s see info about how to make steak sauce.

  • The word “sauce” is derived from the Latin (sauce) which is derived from the Latin which means “salted.” That is why the sauce variant originates from French cuisine.In the country of origin, the sauce which is the main ingredient in the cuisine is divided into five categories where the five kinds of sauces the first is a bechamel sauce made from roux and milk.Relax is a mixture of flour and oil (fat, butter, margarine, etc.) From this bechamel sauce created six types of derived sauces namely aurora sauce (from sauce béchamel and crushed tomatoes), mornay sauce (from Béchamel sauce and grated cheese), Nantua sauce (from béchamel sauce, shrimp butter and creamy cream), Chantilly sauce (from béchamel sauce and whipped cream), Soubise sauce (from béchamel sauce and onions), and mustard sauce (from béchamel and mustard sauce), usually bechamel sauce and a derivative sauce suitable for seafood.
  • Espagnole sauce made from beef broth. If thickened it will be a demi-glace sauce. There are eight types of sauce derived from thickened Espagnole sauce. Namely, bordelaise sauce (from demi-glace and red wine Bordeaux as well as red onion, peppercorn, thyme leaves), bigarade sauce (from demi-glace, red wine and orange juice), charcutière sauce (from demi-glace, white wine, mustard, soy sauce, and red onion), deviled sauce (from demi-glace and white wine, crushed tomatoes, red onion, and peppercorn), Diane sauce (from demi-glace and peppercorn, , and truffle), poîvrade sauce (from demi-glace and crushed peppercorn), Madeira sauce (from demi-glace, Madeira wine and red onion), and port wine sauce (from demi-glace and port wine). for Espagnole sauce and derivatives are usually used for various roasts, duck, and chicken.
  • Veloute sauce made from white broth like fish broth, chicken, or veal. This sauce mixed with other ingredients creates three derivatives of suprême sauce (from chicken and cream velouté sauce), allemande sauce (from veal cow velouté and cream) and white wine sauce (from white fish and velouté sauces). Fish veloute sauce is certainly suitable to accompany the various dishes made from fish. Similarly, chicken or veal veloute sauce.
  • Hollandaise sauce made from buttered butter or separated parts of fat and water. Then, if the sauce is mixed with thick cream will be created mousseline sauce. Or if mixed with orange juice will create the maltaise sauce. And the last derivatives of hollandaise sauce are béarnaise sauce made from hollandaise sauce, tarragon, and
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How To Make A Special Oxtail Soup Recipe

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There are so many recipes of fresh and delicious soup that we can make for the meal with the family. Maybe friends have been used to cook chicken soup, fish soup, ribs soup or soup that contain lots of broth that tastes delicious and fresh. This time I will invite friends to make a soup recipe that is different from the usual, that is the special oxtail soup recipe. Maybe we’ve often seen sellers of cuisine from this cow tail that has many regular customers and the stall is always crowded. Call it Bubor Borobudur Sop or Sop Bogor who are already famous for using their own soybean spice soup ingredients so the results are delicious. Actually, there are several variations of this recipe, such as oxtail soup or roasted soup, but this time we will give how to make boiled oxtail soup with special seasoning so that the results are not inferior to the recipes from the famous restaurant cuisine.

If you see the name must have a friend has a picture not the main raw material what is used for recipes that we will make this time. Yes, for a special soup vegetable recipe that we will make this time using a cow’s tail or better known as the oxtail. Although the rear end of the cow animals is rarely used, it turns out that if processed correctly and combined with the right oxtail soup will produce a recipe that is no less delicious than other beef recipes. Especially when enjoyed when the cold air, so many broths containing broth and spices will help us drive out the cold air that attack. In addition, when we are exposed to the flu also this special oxtail soup recipe can help restore the weak body condition.

Like other beef recipes, this oxtail soup dish or grilled and fried oxtail soup also has a high nutritional content. Nutrient content in the tail of the cow that is used, such as protein, calories, fat and other nutrients is needed by our bodies. Coupled with the use of several kinds of natural herbs ingredients in the oxtail soup that is used also can restore the freshness of a tired body. Therefore, friends who may happen to be weak body condition will be perfect for consuming it. For more details, please see the ingredients and how to make a special oxtail soup with special spices below.

Ingredients and Spices Beef Recipes Special Ox Beef Seasonings

  • As the name implies, the main ingredient required is a cow tail or tail that has been washed more or less as much as 500 grams only.
  • Medium-sized onions of approximately half as much as pcs or one bar of very small size. Peel the outer skin and cut into 6 pieces and separate the sheet of the Bombay.
  • Cinnamon is approximately 5 cm long only.
  • Cardamom approximately 2 to 3 grains only.
  • Instant broth taste cow if likes to taste or approximately one box only.
  • Medium carrot
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