Kitchen Hacks: Try these quick hacks next time you’re cooking something.


  • Onion, garlic and ginger are absolute essentials in the Indian kitchen
  • Peeling and chopping them can often be a tedious task
  • Here are three easy hacks to peel them without any hassle

Onion, ginger and garlic – these three ingredients are some of the very staples of Indian cooking. Many of our delicious recipes use either or all of these ingredients in some form or the other. Having said that, dealing with them can often be a hassle. Peeling onions often causes involuntary tears to crop up in our eyes. The minuscule ginger and garlic peels too can often become a source of hindrance and frustration in the cooking process. We dug deep into the treasure trove of information online and found the three best and easiest hacks to process these three ingredients in your kitchen.

Here Are 3 Best Hacks To Peel Onion, Garlic And Ginger:

1. Onion

To easily peel onions, simply chop off the top and the root of the onion. Peel off the onion peels by hand itself and put it in the freezer before you begin cutting or chopping. Alternatively, you can soak the peeled onion in a bowl of water for 15 minutes so that the pungent smell goes away.

2. Ginger

The stubborn and small peels of ginger can be easily managed with the help of a spoon. Use a spoon with a sharp, thin body to peel the ginger kernels rather than using a knife. You will get desirable results, every single time!

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4oiv2uogDid you know ginger could be peeled with the help of a spoon?

3. Garlic

The toughest part about peeling garlic is its sticky nature. Thus, to prevent the garlic cloves from getting messy in your hands or with your knife, simply coat both with a drop of olive oil. The speed with which you will be able to chop the garlic cloves will be unbelievably fast.

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These incredible hacks will become part of your daily kitchen rituals before you realise it. They will remove the cumbersome parts of your preparation time and you will be able to try new and innovative recipes in no time.

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