Let’s admit it- cake decoration is no less than an art. It needs equal amount of dedication and skill that one needs to bake a perfectly spongy cake. Alongside, you need the right kind of tools that helps to create amazing designs on a cake. From icing a cake to piping those cute flowers and motifs- every step of cake decoration has a specific tool for it, which is how it comes out so neat. Amidst the huge range of tools, we bring you a few basic options that are a must in every baker’s collection. Let’s take a look.

Here’re 4 Must-Have Cake Decoration Tool Options For You:

Turntable Stand

It the very first product one needs for cake decoration. In other words, cake decoration is next to impossible without a turntable stand. This revolving stand helps you to get access to the whole of the cake for icing or decoration purpose and save you sloppy slip-ups . Here’s a turntable stand option for you:

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Cardboard Rounds

Have you ever noticed the cardboards on which the cakes are placed? Yes, these cardboard rounds are needed to place the cakes after they are removed from baking pans. These cardboards come in different shapes and sizes as per the need of the cake. Here’s an option for you:

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Icing Spatulla

An angular spatulla lays the foundation stone for cake decoration. It is needed to evenly spread the icing all-over the cake. It come in different sizes and is needed as per the size/height of the cake. You may try out this option:


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Piping Tips And Bags

These tools are needed to create different designs in a cake with cream. You can get both disposable and reusable options for piping bags, while the tips are attached to the tip of the bag to create the shapes like flowers, waves, swirls etc. Here’s a combo option of piping tips and bags for you:

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So, if you are a new baker and want to try your hands on cake decoration, you just know what you need!

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