Here are 5 delicious desserts one can prepare with coconut.


  • Coconut boasts of many health properties
  • Its distinct flavour makes it a popular addition in many desserts
  • Herer are 5 coconut-based Indian desserts you can try

Ever wondered why coconut is such a popular food in India? Coconut is known to have cooling, rejuvenating properties and work wonders for our body, especially during the summer season. As soon as the scorching weather starts to roll, we begin to scan the neighbourhood for local pushcart vendors selling coconut water. One sip of it is enough to instantly boost our energy and cool our body like nothing else. And the best part about coconut is that we can relish it fresh and even in its dried form.

Dry coconut has been used to create countless culinary gems in the Indian cuisine. Be it the rich south Indian curries or the decadent Indian desserts, dishes made from this highly nutritious fruit only goes to prove how it is an indispensable part of our cuisine. Its ability to give a creamy spin along with a subtle yet distinct coconut-y flavour to the dishes makes it a favourite addition in Indian desserts. So much so that it is simply irreplaceable even when pitched against the fanciest of all global desserts.

And if you are looking to make some interesting sweet treats with coconut, then we’ve got 5 of the best Indian desserts that you can try at home. These are easy, quick and too yummy to resist!

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Here Are 5 Easy Coconut-Based Indian Desserts You Must Try At Home:

1. Coconut Ladooo

A quick fix for your sugar cravings, this coconut ladoo is a yummy mix of dessicated coconut, ghee, milk and nutty cashews and almonds! Find the recipe here.


2. Coconut Gujiya

No, you don’t need to wait till Holi to get your hands on some mouth-watering gujiyas! Here’s a hearty mix of mava, khoya, milk, coconut, pistachios and sugar syrup stuffed inside a gujiya that is sure to make you drool! Find the recipe here.


3. Coconut Barfi

Delectable barfis made with dessicated coconut combined with a mix of sugar syrup, khoya, ghee and a generous amount of almonds. Coconut or Nariyal barfi is a popular Indian dessert that one can prepare on festive and celebratory occasions. Find the recipe here.

4. Coconut Kheer

One of the most popular Indian desserts, kheer is traditionally made with white rice, milk, sugar and some dry fruits. But who said one can’t experiment a little to make it all the more scrumptious? This kheer brings together not just coconut but also coconut milk and coconut cream combined with a host of aromatic spices such as fennel powder, cardamom powder and cinnamon powder. Cooked with rice and served with delightful nutty caramel syrup, you absolutely can’t afford to miss this one! Find the recipe here.


5. Modak

With the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi going on, can there be a better time to prepare modaks at home? Here’s a sugar-free modak full of nuts and rich dry fruits like raisins, dates, poppy seeds, cashews and almonds combined with dry coconut. A wholesome, healthier delight which you simply can’t resist! Find the recipe here.


Try these yummy Indian desserts made with the goodness of coconut at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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