There’s something about Gujarati food that always leaves you pondering. In terms of colour, choice of ingredients, technique, Gujarati food is truly one of a kind. And we continue to be smitten by the range of snacks this state has to offer. Also referred to as farsaan, these tit bits are of many kinds, some crunchy, some soft, some greasy and some guilt-free! Yes, you heard us, ‘snacks’ and ‘healthy’ often do not go hand in hand but these few snacks are obviously an exception. They are healthy, they are yummy and here’s how you can make it at home.

1. Dhokla

You saw this coming, right? The Gujarati marvel made with besan (gram flour) or sooji (semolina) is a spongy treat we can never say no to. The fact that it is steamed and not fried makes it ideal for dieters, steamed snacks help save you a lot of calories that are often tied to deep-fried goods. Make sure you rule out the sugar syrup that is traditionally used to make dhoklas.

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Dhokla is a steamed snack

2. Patra

A unique snack made with arbi or colocassia leaves that are coated with a lip-smacking batter of besan and tamarind. These leaves are rolled up, steamed and cut in small rounds and topped with a hot tempering of mustard seeds.


3. Handvo

Is it a cake? Is it a snack? Why don’t you try it to know! This savoury, spongy treat is made with a  high protein combination of dals, rice and vegetables. You may use brown rice in place of white to give it a healthier edge.


Handvo is a Gujarati savoury cake

4. Methi Ki Muthiya

Steamed dumplings made of fenugreek leaves, besan, atta, salt, chilli powder, these steamed muthiyas are ideal for evenings and mid-meal cravings.

5. Khandvi

Tiny, bite-sized roll-ups made with besan. These yellow snacks are often tempered with mustard seeds and coconut shavings, making it one of the most unique regional snacks we have ever had.

khandvi 625

Try these snacks and do tell us about your favourite from the lot. A lot of these snacks, do use some tempering that are made in one or two tsp oil, make sure you choose the oil you trust.

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