These paneer-based salads are healthy and delicious.


  • To make salad weight-loss-friendly, you must pick the right foods.
  • Paneer or cottage cheese fits the bill perfectly.
  • Here are some paneer-based salad recipes you must try.

A meal of quick and wholesome salad is enough to fill up your tummy without impeding our weight loss goal. Of course, you need to be careful about what you put in your salad bowl. Any salad is low in carbs, which is good for your diet, but to make it absolutely weight-loss-friendly, you must pick foods that are low in fat, high in proteins, and fulfil other tenets of weight loss diet. Paneer, or cottage cheese, is one of the best foods you can choose to make healthy salads.

Why Paneer For Weight-Loss-Friendly Salad?

The whole idea of eating salad is to feed yourself with healthy foods that accelerate your weight loss process. Paneer fits the bill perfectly. Apart from being low in carbs, low in fats and low in calories, paneer is also a great source of protein. The macronutrient of protein is known to induce satiety besides infusing energy in the body. Paneer, undoubtedly, is the best pick for weight loss salads. Here are a few recipe ideas for you to try making paneer salads at home.

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Apart from being low in carbs, low in fats and low in calories, paneer is also a great source of protein​.

5 High-protein Paneer Salad Recipes:

1. Spiced Paneer, Channa And Apple Salad

Spiced paneer is mixed with boiled chickpeas, fresh greens and crisp apples to make this full-of-nutrients salad. The range of spices added and seasoning of lemon juice make it a refreshing and flavourful meal.

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2. Cold Salad

Salads are not only for dinner, you can have them for breakfast too. This colourful and light-tasting cold salad is perfect to give your mornings a fresh start. It’s a quick and easy meal made with paneer, corns and potatoes, and garnished with honey and red wine dressing.

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3. Desi Rocket Salad

Bring together some crumbled paneer, rocket leaves, pomegranate, apples, roasted red and yellow peppers, sliced red radish, and give them all a good mix. Sprinkle some chaat masala along with other ingredients to give it a ‘desi’ spin.

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rocket salad

Paneer mixed with rocket leaves and other foods make for a great salad. 

4. Guava And Cottage Cheese Salad

This salad is a melting pot of varied flavours from different foods, which turns out to be a smashing hit. Paneer and guava are combined with rocket leaves and apples. This salad is then seasoned with a dressing of dates, tamarind and jaggery.

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5. Paneer, Pomegranate And Kiwi Salad

The fruits of pomegranate and kiwi liven up this bowl of paneer salad. That’s not all; tangy orange and mint dressing adds a super refreshing element to it. This eclectic salad is a must-try.

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Bookmark each recipe for different days in a week and let these high-protein paneer salads help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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