• Love to have parathas for breakfast?
  • You can turn your parathas healthier with some easy tips.
  • Here are some genius ways you can make parathas healthy and tasty.

There are so many healthy food options for breakfast now that you can make something new every day and still not exhaust all the options. But, there are many of us who are aloof to the recent breakfast discoveries and like to stick to our age-old favourite parathas. There is nothing really wrong with it except we’ll miss out on filling our morning meals with different nutrients to fuel us up for the whole day. Instead of compromising with your taste preference, why not modify your parathas to make them healthier and nutrient-rich?

You must be thinking there are many kinds of stuffing you can make for your paratha. Aloo paratha, paneer paratha, gobhi paratha etc. are undoubtedly good and healthy options but there is so much you can do to make these parathas a bit healthier.


Go through these amazing tricks to make your parathas full of health and have the perfect breakfast every day that you’ll also love.

Tips To Make Parathas Healthier:

1.  Add purees

While kneading dough for parathas that you plan to fill with a stuffing mixture, you can add more nutrients by pouring in spinach puree, rajma puree, chana puree etc. to the dough itself. More the merrier!

2. Knead dough with curd water

Whey water that you get while curdling milk to make paneer and curd can be used to knead your paratha dough. Likewise, you can also use curd water left after making hung curd. These liquids are a good source of proteins, probiotic and other nutrients.

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Whey water is rich in proteins.

3. Experiment with stuffing

Move beyond the usual aloo and paneer and fill your parathas with stuffing you never tried before. Soya, corns, avocado, broccoli, sattu parathas taste just as great and, well, are super healthy too.

4. Add seeds

Whichever paratha you make, a little crunch can always work its magic into making it more delicious and nutritious. Add a handful of chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. to the dough or to your paratha stuffing. Seeds are full of energy-giving nutrients.

5. Garnish with health

While making parathas on the tawa, sprinkle coriander leaves, mint leaves, basil leaves, mixed herbs seasoning or even your favourite oregano. The extra zing of these refreshing herbs will light up your morning meal straight up.

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Garnish your meals with refreshing  herbs.

Take your love for parathas to the next level by adding a bit of healthfulness and a bit of flavour to them. Keep these tips handy next time you get to your kitchen to make healthy paratha in the morning yet again.

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