• Arbi or taro roots bring both taste and health benefits to the plate
  • Soft and fluffy texture and mildly-sweet taste makes arbi versatile
  • Here’re 5 Arbi Snack Recipes For You

The season of arbi is in full swing and every vegetable shop in the market is loaded with this starchy vegetable. However, it hardly ends up in our shopping list or kitchen pantry. One of the probable reasons for the same could be our minimum knowledge about arbi. Also called taro root, this seasonal produce has a yam-like texture and brings both taste and a pool of health benefits to the plate. It has a low glycaemic index, zero fat and no cholesterol-content; meaning it is an excellent addition to our diet to combat diabetes, boost heart-health and shed extra kilos. Keeping this in mind, we decided to give arbi its fair share of culinary experimentation!

The soft and fluffy texture and mildly-sweet taste makes it a versatile vegetable in the world of gastronomy. From a simple gravy-based sabzi to a lip-smacking chaatarbi can be whipped up into several delicious dishes.

We managed to get hold of some recipes, which will help you churn some yummy snacks in this rainy season. Read on.

Here’re 5 Arbi Snack Recipes For You:

Arbi Kaju Ki Tikki

Crunchy tikkis, with a hot cup of tea and pitter-patter outside, makes one of the best combinations ever. Here’s the recipe of arbi-kaju tikki that can help you put together a healthy snacking option in a rainy evening. The best part is you can also have in vrat. Click here for recipe.

Arbi Kofta

Another example of a perfect tea-time snack, these koftas are made with taro roots, kuttu ka aata, ginger and ajwain. You may also replace kuttu ka aata with normal maida in the recipe. Alongside, we also bring an amazing mint yogurt dip recipe to accompany the koftas. Click here for recipe.

Beet and Arbi Falafal

If you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, then you have all the reasons to be happy! We bring a falafel recipe that is made with beetroot and taro root and strikes the right balance between health and taste. Pair it with pita bread and pickles and enjoy your meal. Click here for recipe.

Tali Hui Arbi

We all love the greasy and decadent French fried and potato wedges. What if we bring you a healthier alternative of the same! Here’s the recipe of arbi wedges (or as we call it tali hui arbi) for you to indulge guilt-free. Click here for recipe.

Arbi Chaat

Discussion about snacks can never be complete without mentioning about chaat. We found this arbi chaat recipe for you that can be your perfect companion in this rainy reason. Click here for recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of some taro roots and try these recipes at home. Let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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