Try these quick and easy dinner recipes on busy weeknights.


  • Looking for quick and easy dinner recipes?
  • Try these one-pot recipes under 30 mins.
  • Here are some quick Indian meal recipes for dinner.

So, we managed to grab the attention of all the lazybones out there. Jokes apart, we understand the pain of first cooking and worse, cleaning up the dishes after. After focussing all our efforts and attention on cooking a hearty meal and taking our own sweet time to eat it, washing the dishes just puts a damper on the whole dining experience. All those busy weeknights, when you are rushing to get done with our day’s work and retire to bed to catch up on our favourite TV shows, you need recipes that require minimal time and minimal dishes for cleaning later. And, here we are to grant you your wish.

We have lined up some easy one-pot recipes that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

5 One-Pot Indian Recipes For Dinner

1. Tomato Rice

Basic ingredients that almost all Indian meals are made from – onions and tomatoes – are cooked with some basic spices like green chillies, ginger and garlic. Add rice and water and cook this amazing rice dish in one pot. Don’t forget to garnish with some coriander and mint leaves. Click here for full recipe.

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One-pot rice dished are easy to make.

2. Chicken Rice

Now, if you aim for chicken dinner almost every night, try making one-pot chicken rice. Saute onions, capsicum, tomatoes and chicken with spices of your choice, then add rice and water and cook a wholesome meal for dinner in no time.

3. Khichdi

This is the simplest of all meals. Just pressure-cook dal and rice together in equal quantities along with salt and spices. Add water to get the consistency of your choice. Dal khichdi is light on tummy yet full of protein – a perfect meal for quick and fuss-free dinner.

4. Masala Macaroni

Make Indian-style macaroni with lots of vegetables and lots of spices. Saute veggies of your choice in a pan, add macaroni and water and let it cook along with the vegetables. Garnish with coriander leaves, and you’ll have desi-style macaroni dish ready for your desi meal. Click here for full recipe.

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Make masala macaroni with veggies and spices for a quick meal. 

5. Chakoli/Tukde

Are you a simple dal-roti person, use leftover rotis from lunch to make this one-pot meal. Cook dal with spices till almost done. Then crumble the leftover rotis and add to the pot and let it all simmer till well combined. Eat this dal-roti meal that you made in just one pot.

Use these quick and easy dinner recipes so that you have more time to enjoy your delicious meal after a busy day.

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