Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most loved foods across the world.


  • Paneer is a versatile food that you can use across culinary experiments
  • It is also a great option to include in your breakfast
  • Here are 7 easy paneer recipes you can try for your next breakfast

Paneer (or cottage cheese) is a saviour for many vegetarians who are constantly scouting for new and interesting meal ideas. With its versatility, paneer is one vegetarian option that we find in most of our meals, be it lunch or dinner, or breakfast. Yes, paneer can be used to cook delicious breakfast dishes as well! Not only these paneer recipes are delicious, they are easy and packed with nutrition (read: proteins) too!

Move over classic paneer sandwiches, we’ve got some of the most interesting breakfast recipes made with paneer that are easy, scrumptious and can be made in just 30 minutes!

7 Paneer Recipes For Breakfast You Can Make In 30 Minutes:

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1. Paneer Besan Chilla

Chilla can be a perfect morning meal. It is tasty, healthy and easy to cook. A high-protein meal with the goodness of paneer and gram flour, this chilla recipe comes with a flavourful blend of spices and chillies. Find the recipe here.


2. Paneer Pakoda

Bursting with a myriad of flavours, pakoda needs no introduction. These are a plate of deep-fried and greasy goodness that attracts foodies like nothing else. Cubes of paneer, coated in a spicy besan batter and deep-fried until golden brown are a hit across age groups. Find the recipe of paneer pakoda here.


3. Paneer And Salsa Tortilla

Love Mexican food? This can be you go-to breakfast dish simply because of how easy and delicious it is! Marinated paneer, shallow-fried and stuffed in corn tortillas along with freshly made tangy salsa sauce, aren’t your taste buds tantalising already? Find the recipe here.

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4. Paneer Tikki

Let’s just agree that a piping hot and crispy paneer tikki is crowd-pleaser at all times. Mashed paneer mixed with a pool of rustic spices, who will not fall for this classic, mouth-watering combination? Find the recipe here.


Who wouldn’t want a breakfast that is quick, easy, nutritious and utterly delicious? Mushroom paneer toast is exactly that! With a delicious stuffing of spices along with tomatoes, onion, ginger, cottage cheese and mushrooms, this breakfast recipe is sure to impress every age group. Find the recipe here.

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6. Paneer Bhurji

Made by scrambling paneer and mixing it up with a host of spices, veggies and butter, paneer bhurji is a wholesome dish that one can relish anytime of the day. Easy, delicious, quick and satiating, here’s how you can make paneer bhurji at home.


7. Spaghetti With Cottage Cheese

Love gorging on your favourite spaghetti pasta? Here’s how you can give it a spin with cottage cheese balls along with a zesty tomato sauce! Find the recipe here.

Try these exceptionally delicious ad quick paneer recipes for your breakfast, and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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