Chris Patt and wife Katherine are soon-to-be parents.


  • Chris Patt admitted that he is missing pickles and ice creams.
  • He was talking about life in quarantine with pregnant wife at home.
  • If you too are missing your favourite achaar, find easy recipes inside.

The famous American actor Chris Patt and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger recently broke the news of Katherine’s pregnancy. If you thought that only Katherine must be having pregnancy cravings, Chris Patt admitted it’s actually him who is dealing with overwhelming food cravings during the lockdown. And, guess what he really wants to eat – pickles and ice creams. Chris Patt joked about his uncontrollable urges during a virtual conversation with Extra, as reported by ANI.

Hollywood actor Chris Patt shared personal experiences of life during pregnancy under lockdown. When asked whether any cravings have appeared during the period of pregnancy, the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ star candidly replied, “Yes, me. It’s been tough. Pickles and ice cream… I never thought I would like ’em.’

The former ‘Parks And Recreations’ actor further revealed, “Can I be honest with you? I found myself complaining the other day about a little bit of low back and hip pain and how in quarantine I’ve gained a little weight… and she just looked at me sweetly.”

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Pickles can add a spicy twist to even the blandest foods

Pickle, the tangy and spicy achaar, is an Indian specialty. While we are also craving for many foods that we can’t make at home, we really don’t have to worry about our favourite achaar not being there to accompany our meals. Indian households are hoarded with various kinds of achaars – aam ka achaar, nimbu ka achaar, mixed veg achaar – the list is endless.

All those who find their meals incomplete without a side of flavourful pickles, like Chris Patt, here are some easy pickles recipes you can try making at home.

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