Breakfast Recipe: A Yummy High-Protein Sandwich You Can Make In Under 5 Minutes!

Let’s admit it, no matter how good or bad we are at cooking, if there is one thing we can all claim to be good at is putting together a fab sandwich. Would you believe sandwich is supposedly invented on the directions of John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich in 16th century, the Earl happened to be a passionate gambler? Once he instructed his cooks to make him something that does not require any cutlery so he can concentrate on his gambling and this gave way for the first ever sandwich. While many historians have contested the legend, but what we can safely agree upon is that a sandwich is indeed one of the easiest dishes to make and bite into. Another reason why we absolutely adore sandwiches is because of its versatility. You can sneak in anything you want between those breads and buns, and most often than not you are pleased with the result. They can be as indulgent or healthy as you want them to be! If you are trying to sneak in some protein in your sandwich, we have a recipe that may be of help.

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Why Should You Include Protein In Your Diet:

  • Protein helps keep you satiated for a long time, hence preventing the urge to binge and preventing excess weight-gain.
  • Protein also helps regulate hunger hormone ghrelin and keeps cravings in check.
  • It helps sustain weight-loss too.
  • It increases metabolism and is known to aid fat burning.
  • Protein helps build muscle and is good for strength.
  • Protein may do wonders for your bone health too.
  • Diabetics are also advised to eat more protein, since protein does not get digested too soon, it helps keep blood sugar spikes in check.
  • It also helps aid muscle recovery after an intense work-out session.

Recipe: High-Protein Egg Sandwich

Eggs are said to be the best bio-available source of protein. All dairy products are good sources of protein too. In this sandwich, you would combined goodness of eggs, cheese, bellpeppers, black pepper and salt. To make the sandwich healthier, we have opted for brown bread instead of white bread to cut down on refined carbs.


  • Take a pan and scramble some eggs. Here’s a way to scramble them perfectly.
  • Tale out the scrambled eggs in one bowl.
  • Now, a slice of bread, place the creamy scrambled eggs, throw some grated mozzarella cheese, some freshly cut bellpeppers and black pepper. You can also drizzle some olive oil on top. Cover it with another slice of bread and out it in a toaster. You can also microwave it for a few seconds and you are good to go.

Try this low-carb and high-protein recipe at home and let us know how you liked it.

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