• Paneer is also known as cottage cheese
  • Paneer is a good source of protein
  • Paneer is a very versatile ingredient

There is no dearth of vegetarians in India; and if we are on the subject of vegetarianism in India, it is hard not to talk about India’s love affair with paneer. For the unversed, paneer is cottage cheese, made with curdling of milk. Its versatility and ability to blend well with any preparation has made it a popular choice for dishes both conventional and experimental. This paneer makhni biryani recipe could fall in the second category, since we often associate biryani with meat.

Traditionally speaking, biryani is supposed to be all things meaty and decadent, but with time the one-pot dish has earned a loyal fan-following for its vegetarian versions as well. This quirky biryani recipe combines two of our most favourite dishes of all times – paneer makhani and biryani, in the most creamy and wholesome avatar. This lip-smacking veg biryani is sure to woo even your non-vegetarian friends.

Butter Paneer Biryani Recipe:

To make this biryani, you would first have to make the paneer makhani gravy. So make sure you have all the ingredients in your pantry, for this is going to be a rich and luscious fare. The gravy can make or break your biryani, so make sure you do not rush through this. The vibrant and creamy gravy makes use of many interesting elements like whole spices, cashews and tomato puree – each helping the gravy to turn out more indulgent. The paneer cubes are seared in ghee before they are tossed in the gravy. You could use oil as well, but ghee has a certain inimitable charm that works wonders for us.

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To make this biryani, you would first have to make the paneer makhani gravy

Make sure you use only thin and long grain basmati rice for the biryani. Basmati rice intermixes with spices, making it more fragrant and elevating the biryani experience. This biryani is sure to be a star across any spread, serve it with salan or freshly-made raita for best experience.

Here is a step-by-step recipe of making makhani paneer biryani at home.

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