Calphalon cookware sets are simply one of the best cookware that can compliment your kitchen. If you love to cook, then these cookware sets will provide you with items that last for decades, and that come with lifetime warranties. They can also be bought for someone else as a wedding gift. These cookware sets are sturdy and stylish, and the most reliable of any other cookware sets available in the market. You can find good deals on these products at online auction sites or major online stores. The following is a view of some of the Calphalon cookware sets that are very popular.

The first set that we are going to talk about is the Calphalon commercial use hard anodized set with nine pieces. This whole set will cost you about two hundred dollars, and it includes a shallow saucepan of two and a half quart capacity, open skillets in varying sizes (8 in, 10 in, 12 in), and two covered chef’s casseroles that come in three-quart and seven-quart capacity. These are broiler safe and safe for use in the oven as well. The casserole lids should be placed on the food when cooking, since it helps keep the dish moist.

The second Calphalon set that we will look at is the Simply Calphalon nonstick hard-anodized cookware set that comes in a total of ten pieces. Priced at about two hundred dollars, this one comprises of two layers of non-stick surface on all pans. The utensils also have a hard anodized exterior which is not prone to cracking or chipping. The ten pieces in the set include saucepans of two sizes, a sauté pan which is covered, a covered stock pot, and two skillets of varying size. They also come with domed tempered glass and silicone handles which keep cool at all times. This one has a ten year warranty.

The third of the range of Calphalon sets is the fourteen-piece cookware set in the Simply Calphalon line which is priced close to three hundred dollars. This one features the amazing qualities of the previous sets and includes more pieces. The pieces comprise of a twelve inch covered omelet pan, three saucepans in varying sizes, a covered sauté pan, two skillets of different sizes, and a stockpot.

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