Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar revealed a powerhouse of health.


  • Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar swears by the humble banana
  • It is a must in every diet due to its health benefits
  • There is another secret ingredient derived of which many are unaware

Food trends in 2020 are inclined towards hyperlocal and locally produced foods. Even during the lockdown period, the focus has been on easily available ingredients that can be obtained from the local grocery. Banana bread is one recipe which we all have heard of or tried while in quarantine. Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently posted on Instagram revealing the benefits of the humble banana, and also one secret ingredient that’s derived from it which can do wonders for your health. Take a look at her post:

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Banana flour is the wonder ingredient that nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar was referring to in her post. Talking about the benefits of banana and its flour, she wrote, “There are at least a dozen more reasons why you must eat the banana, in all its forms – kaccha, ripe, overripe & it’s flower. But one of the best kept secrets of an Indian kitchen is the banana flour.”

Banana flour is made with green or raw bananas, which are dried using the process of sun-drying. The resultant flour can be turned into a flatbread called ‘Thalipeeth’ which is commonly enjoyed with fresh coconut or white sesame chutney. Banana flour is a commonly used alternative to wheat flour in places such as Jamaica or Africa. The flour is a cheaper option, it’s also gluten-free and offers a range of health benefits. “It’s the kind of food that’s fit for the goddess within. The shakti or the feminine power of action in every being. Banana Zaroor khana,” concluded Diwekar in her post.

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ik5eqk1Banana flour made from raw bananas is a healthy addition to your meal. 

The health benefits offered by banana flour are plentiful, from promoting gut health to helping in maintenance of blood sugar levels. Banana flour is naturally rich in potassium, prebiotic fibre and resistant starch making it ideal for using in a number of recipes. Apart from this, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar highlighted a few benefits of eating banana flour in her Instagram post. Take a look:

  1. Mood booster
  2. Fertility booster
  3. Immunity booster
  4. Digestive aid
  5. Gut integrity keeper
  6. Hormone regulator

So what are you waiting for? Nature’s bounty in the form of banana flour is ready for you to try and experiment with. Whether you use it in baking your next batch of cake, or even as a substitute for wheat flour in your daily meals – there is no end to the number of dishes that can be prepared with it. All you need is a little bit of creativity and imagination!

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