• Consume atleast one fruit everyday either as meal or along with food
  • Rujuta recommends dal, chawal and homemade chaas for lunch
  • A bowl of curd and raisins anytime in the day is good in this season

As the world fights against novel Coronavirus outbreak, more and more people have distanced themselves from the society in an attempt to stop the spread of the pandemic. This resulted to situations like lockdown, quarantine, work from home and also schooling from home. Although the school from home facility helped the students to continue their studies without being physically present, it took a toll on their routined lifestyle. From their eating time to their bed time – almost everything in a student’s life seems to have got upturned.

Hence, in an endeavour to solve the problem, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recommended a few diet tips on her Instagram handle that may help the students adopt a healthy food habit in the current scenario.

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Here’re The 5 Food Tips For Children Pursuing School From Home:

1. Have a fresh fruit:

Diwekar, on her post, suggested consumption of atleast one fresh fruit everyday (like mangoes, bananas and more) either as a meal or along with some homemade food (nashta like poha, upma, idli, dosa etc). These fruits can be consumed as is or in form of beverages. She further stated that rich in vitamins and polyphenols, fruits aid digestion and boost the mood, reducing cravings for junk food.

2. Have legumes and rice for lunch:

Rujuta recommends dal, chawal and homemade chaas for a light and wholesome lunch. “Chana/ rajma/ chole/ moong/ matki or any local legume, soaked overnight and well-cooked the next day and served with rice,” she wrote on her post. This meal is stated to be a perfect combination of pre and pro biotics, minerals and amino acids, which is easy to digest during these days with less or no physical activities.

3. Have a bowl of dahi, set with black raisins:

Diwekar suggests consumption of this healthy bowl anytime in the day is good in this season. Rich in vitamin B12 and iron, this healthy bowl helps to beat the heat and lethargy and improve hormonal health. Moreover, it promotes better appetite.

4. Early dinner by 7pm:

As per Diwekar, children who are studying from home must have an early and wholesome meal for dinner, which complete their nutritional profile. Some dinner ideas suggested by Diwekar are paneer paratha, poori sabzi, roti sabzi roll, ajwain paratha, jowar or nachni bhakri with aloo bhaji, veg pulao with raita and homemade papad. She also suggested fancy foods like homemade pizzas, pastas, pav bhaji etc one a week, “but not later than 7 pm”.

5. For bedtime hunger pangs:

As per the post, a kid or teen may opt for haldi doodh, mango milkshake, gulkand milk, fresh mango or banana around bedtime, if hungry. This also helps in aiding good sleep.

Along with these food tips, Rujuta Diwekar also recommended to involve kids in planning and cooking the meals to keep them engaged and physically active.

Eat healthy, stay safe!

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