• People usually consume satvik food during Navratri
  • Sabudana is a very popular choice during vrats
  • From starter to dessert, sabudana fits in any part of the meal

Food and festivities go hand-in-hand. If we notice closely, every festival has its specific set of dishes. If we talk about Navratri, which has started from March 25, 2020, and will continue till April 2, 2020, people usually consume food ingredients like makhana, sabudana, kuttu ka atta, and rajgira atta. It is that time of the year when people avoid garlic, onion and non-veg food and eat light and satvik food. As per experts, satvik diet includes foods that are essential, natural, energy-containing and clean. It is a regimen that emphasises on seasonal foods, fruits, legumes, whole grains and non-meat based protein.

Sabudana is of the very popular ingredients, which is consumed during these nine days. Also called tapioca, it is a very popular choice during ‘vrats’. It is a non-cereal food source and is rich in starchy carbohydrate, which provides energy to the body. From starter (sabudana vada) to dessert (sabudana kheer), this ingredient fits everywhere in a meal-course.

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Hence, we bring you another easy sabudana recipe that can satisfy your cravings for sweet during the days of isolation – it is ‘sabudana ladoo’. We are in a time where we need to exhaust kitchen ingredients tactfully, so that they can last longer. This ‘sabudana ladoo’ recipe by renowned vlogger Parul, on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, needs just 3 simple ingredients for preparation. All we need are- sabudana, ghee and sugar. You can also add chopped cashewnuts, red food colour and cardamom powder if you want, but that’s absolutely optional. Also, this ladoo can be stored atleast for a week.

Watch The Recipe Video For Sabudana Ladoo:

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