Cloud Bread: The 3-Ingredient Fluffy And Colourful Dish That Is Taking Over Social Media

Cloud bread is the latest trend to take over social media in lockdown.


  • Fluffy and delicious ‘cloud bread’ is the latest social media trend
  • This simple recipe uses three simple ingredients and food colouring
  • Take a look at some of the interesting ways it has been made

The period of lockdown has seen an interesting range of trends emerging in terms of cooking. People have been innovating with the simplest of ingredients to create something new – whether it is the dalgona coffee or banana bread. We saw some bizarre foods being invented too such as the ‘Frog Bread’. If you thought these eccentric food trends had blown over with the gradual reopening of the economy, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cloud bread is the latest recipe to take over social media with its fluffy, colourful and aesthetically pleasing texture. Take a look:

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The trend surfaced a few weeks back with some experimentation by various food bloggers online. The cloud bread is made with just three simple ingredients – egg whites, cornstarch and white sugar. It is important to whisk the mixture till white peaks form. The resulting mixture is baked in the oven for a couple of minutes at a high temperature. The delicious bread is crispy from the outside and surprisingly soft on the inside.

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Many food bloggers have made their own versions of the cloud bread, adding interesting food colours to make it even more visually appealing. The bread recipe is quite simple and can be creatively made in a number of shapes and patterns. The name ‘Cloud’ in cloud bread comes from how similar it looks and feels. The fact that it uses just three or four ingredients makes it ideal for the lockdown time.

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