Mirchi ka saalan is the best side dish for biryani.


  • Mirchi ka salan is the perfect side dish for biryani.
  • It is make of hot chillies doused in a dense, aromatic curry.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

We all love biryani in all its forms, whether it is Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Malabari biryani or Veg biryani. There’s a host of options of biryani we get in our country. They all may be distinct in nature, but our love for the all types of biryani holds no distinction. Another thing that remains constant is the side dish for biryani. Be it any kind of biryani, it is usually paired with raita or salan. And, mirchi ka salan is what is designated for biryani across the nation.

Mirchi Ka Salan is one of the most preferred accompaniments to be enjoyed with biryani. In Urdu language, ‘salan’ translates to ‘curry’ and ‘mirchi’ is ‘chillies’. So, this side dish comprises hot chillies dunked in a dense, rich curry. Chilli is the main ingredient, but the dish includes many other ingredients that all work together to make salan such a lip-smacking dish.

Grind roasted peanuts, khus khus, white sesame seeds and desiccated coconut to make a paste, which is mixed with green chillies and a whole range of Indian spices to make the spicy, full-of-flavour salan.

Although, mirchi ka salan works best with biryani but you can pair salan with other meals like dosa, idli and upma also. You can make a large quantity of mirchi ka salan and store it in fridge for about a week, and reheat it to use it.

Watch the recipe video of mirchi ka salan for detailed cooking instructions –

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