Milk and other dairy products have been touted to be good for health since ages. Multiple studies have found link between dairy-rich diet and improved bone health, skin health and more. Adding on to the benefits, a new study has found a link between daily consumption of dairy products and lower diabetes risk. The study, published in the online journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, stated that consumption of at least two servings of dairy products may lower the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. For the unversed, metabolic syndrome is defined as a cluster of factors that lead to increase in the risk of heart-related diseases.

As per the study, the researchers tracked the health condition of about 190,000 participants for about an average of nine years. It was found that the participants who consumed at least two servings of dairy products daily had a 12 percent drop in the risk for metabolic syndrome.

In the study, dairy was defined products like milk, yogurt, yogurt-based drinks, cheese and dishes prepared with dairy products. The researchers found stronger association with full fat dairy, instead of the low fat ones. However, the list did not include butter or cream.

The researchers stated that this study was observational and have no such established cause yet. They further said that more research is needed before people with high blood pressure start following this diet.

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