If you want to keep your heart healthy and strong, it is important to take care of your diet. It has been established that oily foods, junk food and trans-fats may take a toll on your heart. Conversely, consuming a diet profuse with high fibre and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables may improve heart health to a great extent, reveals a latest study published in Internal Medicine.

The study said that it is hard to narrow cardiovascular health down to compounds found in supplement. Including fruits and vegetables in diet may help reap benefits with wholesome nutrition.

Experts emphasised that drugs and medications are important to treat certain conditions but there is no substitute to good diet. If you eat good, your heart would be in a much better shape, a bad diet will some day or the other impact the heart.
It is important to change our relationship with food, it is not just a palate-pleasing experience. Food can have many healing properties, and with this approach one can tweak their diet for the better.

It has been noted whether it is a case of high cholesterol or high blood pressure, the cause is often partially or wholly one’s poor diet.
Researchers said that people should invest more in fruits and vegetables, especially the ones that are darker in colour because they are most likely to be a good source of anthocyanin – a powerful antioxidant that could reduce cardiac damage.

The researchers also said that it need not be an all or nothing approach, doing so could lead to withdrawal effect. You can cut a soda a day to accommodate a fruit, this could have long term benefits.

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