A hot cup of masala tea defines satisfaction for every chai-lover! Be it to kick-start the day or to fuel us with energy in-between work – a cup of kadak chai can refresh you anytime of the day. What makes this beverage an all-time hit is the inclusion of different aromatic spices in the recipe. Besides adding rich flavour to the beverage, these spices come with a pool of nutrients that are dubbed to promote our overall well-being.

If you look into the masala chai recipe, you will find two procedures to add the ‘masala’ to the tea. You can either add the whole spices one by one while brewing the tea, or you may prepare a masala pre-mix and sprinkle it on top of the tea (after straining).

For preparing the pre-mix all you need to do is take the masalas of your choice and grind them together into fine powder. Transfer the mix into an airtight jar and store it for as long as you want.

Here we bring you 4 such popular spices and their medicinal benefits, which hold a constant place in any chai masala pre-mix:

Bay Leaf

Urban Platter Whole Bayleaf Spice

Popularly called tej patta, this kitchen spice is known for its age-old medicinal properties. This nutrient-dense herb is touted to promote better digestion and reduce stress and anxiety. Hence, we bring you this packet of bay leaves that can be a good addition to your spice rack.


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SHRILALMAHAL Elite Aroma, Whole Clove

Clove (or laung) is high in antioxidant and is known to protect our body from inflammation and free radical damages. Here’s an option of premium quality cloves, which may also help you fight several seasonal diseases.


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Black Pepper


Another important spice in a chai masala mix, black pepper is replete with a bunch of healthy minerals and antioxidants. It can help soothe inflammation and also provide relief from indigestion and other gut-related issues. Keeping this in mind, we found this packet of cloves by WONDERLAND FOODS (DEVICE) for you. Let’s take a look!


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FYN True Sri Lankan Cinnamon Quills

Discussion about masala chai will probably remain incomplete without giving a special mention to cinnamon. This kitchen spice not only adds rich flavour and aroma to the tea, but also provides various healthy nutrients that promote an overall fit mind and body. We handpicked this packet of Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks for adding your jar of chai masala pre-mix.


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