Onion peels can be used to enhance your food.


  • Onion peels are always thrown out but they are quite useful.
  • Onion skins are known to contain many essential nutrients.
  • Here are some genius ways you can use onion peels.

Onion is the most common vegetable used in kitchens for preparing most of the dishes in a day. Imagine how many onions are used worldwide and how much onion skin is trashed out. What if we tell you that those papery onion peels you thought were useless are actually worth keeping? Now, if you are thinking what on earth can those insignificant onion skins do after their important component is taken off, you are in for a big surprise. If some past researches are to be believed, onion peels are actually more nutritional that the onion itself!

If you have digested this surprising news, let’s go ahead and see what makes onion skins so useful. Many studies have claimed that onion skins are highly rich in antioxidants, fibre, vitamin A, C, E and heart-friendly flavonoids. It is said that onion skins can prove to be beneficial for boosting immunity and promoting heart health and maintaining blood sugar level.

Health Practitioner, nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach, Shilpa Arora says, “Generally, skin of almost all vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients. Onion skin also provides many health benefits. But if you want to add onion skin to your diet, make sure the onions are organic and come from a credible source guaranteeing the onions are free from pesticides and chemical treatments”.

Point taken.

5 Ways To Use Onion Skin:

1. Lift Up Soup And Gravy

Add onion peels while boiling soup, stock and gravies. It will help thicken the gravy and will also infuse a beautiful purple hue in it. Remember to take the peels out after boiling for some time.

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Add onion skin to soups for thickness.

2. Add Smokiness

Smoked spices are popularly used to add some heat and depth to foods. You can make onion ash by roasting onion peels in oven till they turn dark (almost black) in colour. Then grind them to make a fine powder and sprinkle away.

3. Relax With Onion Skin Tea

Ah, another never-heard-before tea version touted to be as healthy as others. Onion skin tea is known to soothe mind and also improve immune system. Pour hot water in a cup containing tea bag/green tea leaves and onion peels and let both seep for some time. Strain the tea and relax with a healthful cup of tea.

4. Quench Your Thirst With Onion Peel Water

Onion peel-infused water may provide its anti-inflammatory properties and may also take care of the lingering muscle cramps. Just add onion skins to a glass of water and let them  soak for at least 15 minutes. Remove the skins and gulp down the water of goodness.

5. Add More Flavour To Rice

Biryani, pulao, fried rice, jeera rice – almost all rice dishes can be enhanced by cooking the rice along with few onion skins. You will love the subtle bitter flavor of onion skin in your rice. Try it out but don’t forget to remove the skin before eating.

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Enjoy the flavour of onion peel in your rice dishes.

So, if you are sure your onions are safe to consume, use their skin to enhance your culinary creations and promote your health at the same time.

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