Are you a gin-and-tonic fanatic? If yes, then we have a surprise for you! There’s no denying the fact that gin-and-tonic, with a dash of lime, is unmatchable. The two comes together to offer an exotic aroma, refreshing taste and the right amount of buzz to relax you after a long tiring day. This evergreen combination makes this cocktail a popular choice among light drinkers, especially as a post-dinner option. But adding some extra ingredients (read: flavourings) can also make gin-and-tonic a perfect drink to welcome your guests with. You ask us, how? This special East Indian Company cocktail recipe by Chidiya Ghar Restaurant spills the beans for you!

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This restaurant-style East Indian Company cocktail punch gives a quirky spin to the quintessential gin-and-tonic, with inclusion of coconut water and some tri-coloured bell peppers to it. So, try this recipe today and call a perfect end to the week. Cheers!

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Find The Written Recipe Of East India Company Here:

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Ready In: 5 minutes

Type Of Glass: Martini

Serves: 1


30 ml gin

30 ml coconut water

10 ml lime juice

60 ml tonic

Slices of bell pepper (Yellow, Red, Green)

Ice cubes


1. In a glass, add slices of bell peppers.

2. Pour some lemon juice in the glass.

3. Then, pour coconut water into it.

4. Add gin to the mix.

5. Crush everything well together, to extract the bell pepper juices.

6. Add some ice cubes to it.

7. Add the contents in a shaker and shake well.

8. In the serving glass, add some ice cubes and pour the contents of the shaker into it.

9. Pour tonic water into the glass.

10. Garnish it with thin slices of bell peppers.

11. Serve chilled.

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