• ‘Bharta’ refers to anything that is mashed nicely
  • Chicken bharta comprises goodness of tomato puree and spices
  • Chicken bharta is a unique recipe that can be made very quickly

Each time we see chicken in our freezer, our heart takes a leap of joy. After all, what is it that you cannot make with chicken? Even some of our most basic dishes can be given a delicious upgrade using a few chunks of chicken. Made a pasta too bland? Add some chicken. Not too impressed by the soup in making? Try throwing in some shredded chicken and find takers in a jiffy. To cut the long story short,  chicken lovers are always up for anything that has chicken even in small amounts. If you also identify as one, you have to try this chicken bharta. Smoky hot and buttery, this bharta is nothing like anything you have had before!  

‘Bharta’ refers to anything that is nicely mashed. Much like other bhartas of India, chicken bharta too comprises hearty spices like kala jeera that makes it all the more eclectic. The tomato puree, gives it the much needed tangy lift, and a rich colour.

Chicken Bharta Recipe:

To make the bharta you would require some tandoori chicken, deboned and cut very finely. Remember, chicken bharta is not chicken keema, so you do not have to use minced chicken, just chop the chicken finely, and you are set. Here’s how you can make Tandoori chicken at home.  

Click here for the full recipe of chicken bharta.


Succulent and juicy tandoori chicken doused in butter black cumin and tomato puree, finished off with a good dose of cream- this chicken bharta screams indulgence. You can have it with naan, paratha or roti. You can also pair it with steaming hot rice. It is also okay if you do not have tandoori chicken, any dry, smoky chicken preparation could also prove to be just as useful. The recipe also uses strips of green chillies for the garnish , but if you cannot fathom so much heat- you may cut back on that. Make sre you serve the bharta hot, for bets experience.  

You would be surprised to know how ridiculously easy it is to make at home. Try this feisty recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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