• These giant cloves of garlic recently surface in a post on Twitter
  • Netizens were shocked to see the humongous garlic
  • It was later revealed by experts that this is a different variety

Garlic is an essential ingredient in our everyday meal. A plethora of recipes use the humble condiment in various shapes and forms – chopped, minced or in the form of a roasted paste. The flavour and aroma that garlic brings to the table is truly incomparable. Hence, it is often dubbed to be the ultimate ingredient that can drastically improve the taste of any dish, that too in a blink of an eye. However, garlic this time hogged the limelight due to some other fascinating reason! A picture recently surfaced on Twitter, which showed two giant cloves of garlic; and in no time, the post went viral on the micro-blogging site. Take a look:

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The picture was uploaded on Twitter by the user @monyeeart, who shared it with a funny caption showing her love for the condiment. The post went viral on Twitter garnering nearly 330k likes and over 66k retweets. Thousands of users shared their surprise at the humongous cloves of garlic, saying that there was no such thing as too much garlic. Others questioned if the picture was real or an illusion as the girl’s hands (in the image) were too small.

Some expert cooks and food enthusiasts further identified the massive garlic cloves as a different variety of garlic, which are colloquially known as ‘elephant garlic’.

According to users, the elephant garlic is supposedly milder or weaker in taste than usual garlic. People pointed out that the dishes made with this version of garlic get a taste similar to that of leeks, rather than the pungent flavour that a garlic has. Take a look at the reactions:

Have you heard of this unique variety of garlic? What did you first think when you saw the picture? Tell us in the comments below!

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