Turmeric (halwa) is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of immunity-boosting foods. The age-old spice has proved to have immense healing and medicinal properties that not only prevent infections but may also help deal with them. Turmeric (haldi wala doodh) has been our go-to drink on all sick days when we are down with common infections like cold and cough. The spice soothes and its antioxidant properties also help keep these seasonal illnesses at bay. Here is another great way to consume this magical spice, which also offers great taste – haldi-gur hawla.

These days, we all are fixated on finding ways to boost our immunity. The monsoon season makes us all the more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections, and a turmeric-based drink like turmeric tea or turmeric milk or turmeric soup may do wonders in keeping us safe. But it might be a huge task to convince children to drink these beverages. These drinks will taste as they do and we can’t do anything about it; except make something else that the kids will readily consume. That’s why this haldi-gur halwa is a must-try.


Turmeric can help you boost immunity effectively.

We have always enjoyed eating the sweet Indian dessert of halwa no matter what it is made of. This recipe is no different; it tastes just as great in addition to providing the various health benefits of turmeric. But, that’s not it. This dessert also replaces refined sugar with healthier jaggery, which is known to have its health-benefiting and immunity-boosting properties. These two powerful foods come together to make this delicious dessert. Dry fruits are also added to increase its nutritional value; it can’t get any better!

All you have to do is roast turmeric powder in ghee and then add roasted semolina flour (sooji) and mix well. Add water, add mashed gur and let it all cook. Sprinkle dry fruits of your choice and serve hot.
Isn’t this a great way to take care of your kids’ health? You no longer have to nudge them to drink turmeric milk at night if they don’t like it. Make this yummy halwa and serve it as a post-dinner dessert that they will heartily enjoy eating.

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