Let’s admit it- dieting today is no more about living on all things boiled, bland and boring! As people are indulging more into healthy lifestyle, the whole idea of healthy food has revamped over the years to meet the expectation of the dieters. If you explore, you will find almost every recipe has a healthier version of it for your guilt-free indulgence. All you need to do is, replace the calorific and decedent ingredients in the recipe with some healthier alternatives. For instance, replace sugar with jaggery to make your desserts healthier; use atta or oats instead of maida to whip up those delicious pancakes.

Keeping this in mind, we bring some nutrient-rich ingredient options, which can help you put together healthy and tasty meals on a daily basis. Read On.

Here’re 4 Healthy Ingredient Options For You:


Quaker Oats Pouch

A popular cereal among the dieters, oats is used to prepare a wide array of sweet and savoury dishes that strike the right balance between health and taste in your everyday meal. Here’s this packet of Quaker oats that will help you prepare lip-smacking recipes like oats cheela, oats cake, pudding etc.


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Peanut Butter:

MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has been a popular choice among people across ages due to its rich and smooth flavour and healthy nutrients. Not just as a spread on breads, it is also widely used for preparing cookies, cakes and wholesome smoothies for breakfast. Hence, we bring you this option by MYFITNESS that includes the goodness of both peanut butter and chocolate in it.

Olive Oil:

DiSano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another popular example of healthy kitchen ingredient, extra virgin olive oil is ideal for preparing dips and sprinkling on salads. It not only adds flavour to the dish, but also makes it vitamin-enriched. We handpicked this bottle of extra virgin olive oil by DiSano that you can stock in your pantry for regular use.

Greek Yogurt:

Epigamia Blueberry Greek Yogurt

There’s no denying the fact that Greek yogurt has garnered a fair share of fan base for being a healthier alternative to the calorific sweet-treats. Hence, it is always a smart decision store this dessert-alternatives for satiating our sweet cravings, whenever we want. Here’s an option for you by Epigamia, which includes the sweet-tangy flavours of blueberries in it, making the Greek yogurt yet more delectable.

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