Meat’s (especially red meat) association with health-related problems is no secret to the world. Several studies around the world have shown its association with cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and more. Hence, health experts often recommend inclusion of more and more greens in our diet for a healthy living. Alongside, global environmentalists too endorse vegetarian or plant-based diet over meat-heavy meals to curb environmental damage caused by excessive consumption of animal products. However, it is a struggle for many people to make their family eat more greens. Fret not, we have found a solution for you!

A new study by the conservationists at the University of Cambridge found a possible way to make people eat more plants and less meat. According to the researchers, one can boost green eating habit among people simply by keeping the vegetarian dishes before the meat-based food in a meal spread. The findings were published in the journal Nature Food.

The study was conducted on the customers of two Cambridge colleges for over two years. The researchers analysed data from 105,143 meal selections, where they altered the placement of meat and veg dishes every week. They also changed the pattern to every month.

It was found that “placing veggie before meat in the order of meal options as people entered the serving area did little to boost green eating in one of the colleges,” read a report published in the University of Cambridge portal.

As per the lead author of the study, Emma Garnett, a conservationist from Cambridge’s Department of Zoology, “We’ve got to make better choices easier for people. We hope to see these findings used by catering managers and indeed anyone interested in cafeteria and menu design that promotes more climate friendly diets.”

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