If you thought vegetarian kebabs only had to do with paneer or aloo, then you are in for a huge surprise.


  • Kebabs are one of the most popular Indian snacks
  • The vegetarian kebabs has a huge fan base too
  • Here is a yummy matar ke kebab recipe that you can try at home

Let’s just agree that no get-together or dinner party is complete without some decadent kebabs on the table. Pair them with spicy mint chutney and some sliced onions on the side and we need nothing more to satiate our souls! And while kebabs mostly refer to meaty treats, the vegetarian versions have pampered our taste buds equally. As much as one would love to gorge on a succulent galouti or malai chicken kebab, the hariyali veg kebab could be a scrumptious treat as well.

If you thought vegetarian kebabs only had to do with paneer or aloo, then you are in for a huge surprise. From crunchy corn to creamy dahi kebabs or a lip-smacking mix of vegetables, the vegetarian fare of kebabs is endless. And if you are someone who loves to opt for something different and experiment in your kitchen, we’ve got a yummy kebab recipe made with matar (green peas) that might also prove to be a healthy treat!

Green peas, traditionally are a winter food, but nowadays, one can buy them frozen all year long. And thus, one can add endless dishes made with the vibrant tiny balls in our meals. These matar ke kebabs are one of those delicious dishes that pack health and flavour equally. The combination of green peas with spinach makes it a high-fibre snack coupled with lip-smacking flavours of green chilli, ginger and black pepper. This mix is dusted with chickpea flour and pan-fried in minimal oil till crisp!

Find the full recipe of matar ke kebab here.

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Peas have a neutral flavour, which goes well with almost all other foods. Add to it the multiple nutrients that these little munchies pack! According to ‘Healing Foods’ book by DK Publishing House, “peas are extremely rich in fibre that helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. As peas take long to break down, they produce a feeling of satiety for a long time, aiding in weight loss. When combined with another high-fibre food such as spinach, it may make for one amazing snack to add in our weight loss diet.”

A wonderful mid-day snack to satiate our hunger pangs and cravings during the monsoons, try this high-fibre matar ke kebabs at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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