Omelettes, with the right ingredients, can be an excellent source of protein.


  • A high-protein breakfast is important for our body
  • Omelette is one of the most popular breakfast options around
  • Here is how you can make a high-protein chicken omelette at home

A hearty, wholesome breakfast is one of the most underrated meals of the day. A breakfast loaded with essential nutrients is important for our body as it is the first meal that we have after 8-10 hours. And there’s nothing better than kick-starting your day with a protein-rich, delicious breakfast!

Omelettes are one of the quickest breakfasts to whip at home. Besides being easy, we know how omelettes can have anything and everything in it and yet taste so good! Haven’t we all tried to throw in some cheese along with all sorts of veggies to our omelettes and discovered how good it was each time? Basically, omelette is the perfect blend of ingredients to make a wholesome morning meal to start your day with. And to top it all, it is super easy and quick to whip one at home!

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Now imagine some chopped chicken chunks thrown in your omelette along with sauteed mushrooms on the side – mouth-watering, isn’t it? That is exactly what we have here in this chicken omelette recipe! A meal packed with all things protein, this omelette recipe has a lip-smacking mix of sautéed chicken, chillies, onion, garlic, soya sauce and vegetable stock. This mix is cooked and rolled in pan-fried egg white and presented with tantalising butter-garlic mushrooms on the side.

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Find the full recipe of chicken omelette here.

Chicken and egg are known to be two of the richest sources of protein while mushroom besides being rich in protein also has vitamins like vitamin D, minerals and anti-oxidants. This chicken omelette is a perfect way to not only spruce up the quintessential breakfast of egg omelette and bread slices but also make your morning meal wholesome.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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