In designing a farm house for housing cattle, farmers should consider the location of the farm where there is ample water supply, an abundant supply of forage and hay, and easily accessible equipment and machinery. Cattle are, of nature, animals with hierarchies, therefore giving them separate stalls with fences and gates are a requirement. Materials like wood and steel or lumber can make for durable yet cheap building supply.

Things to remember:

1. Housing cattle should also include big feedlots and fences around the vicinity which can be made of materials such as bamboo or straw. Add bushes to obscure the farm from other outside elements or animals.

2. If farmers plan to build a closed shed farming house, then make sure there is enough ventilation by installing windows with shutters, a sturdy door made of tree wood or any scrap metal, and lots of hay.

3. Cattle need to socialize as well, so make it a point to put same breeds in pens together and also provide them with haystacks for rest and relaxation. Cows need ample time to rest to be able to produce more milk during lactation period.

When building a farm house for cattle and any other farm animals, there should be a regard for their protection from the sun, too much heat, rain, and during winter months. During winter, it is advisable to put improvised door panelling to seal in the warmth of the house, and keep windows shut. Make sure that there is water supply inside the house during winter months, and also during drought or summer season when the weather is too hot for the cattle to go out of the house.

Farm House Levels

Other farm houses that are built for housing cattle have levels inside where cows and other heavier animals can stay on the bottom floor and the lighter animals such as the chickens or roosters can occupy the second floors, much like a loft style farm house. This way, space is maximized and there is room to put enough feedlots in the center and a place for cows to socialize and rest.

The feeding area is also one of the most crucial parts of the farm house. Housing cattle involves designating a feeding area where there is enough light, ventilation, and enough hay and grains for feeds, and water supply. A small well or water faucet will suffice if the feedlots are subdivided into the different breeds of cattle and different animals in the farm.

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