• Want to cook chane (chickpeas) without pressure cooker?
  • Here are some smart cooking hacks without using pressure cooker.
  • Try these alternative methods to cook your chickpeas.

Like everybody else, we too have been caught up in the fever of the viral Kokilaben-Rashi video, laughing our hearts out. In the midst of all the rib-tickling giggles, we got to thinking about all the dangers of cooking with a pressure cooker if mishandled, and how you can avert such mishaps in the kitchen. For all the novice cooks who are new to pressure cooking, here are some smart alternatives for cooking their favourite chane (chickpeas) without pressure cooker.

And, for those who don’t have a pressure cooker or their pressure cooker is not in working condition at the moment, these cooking hacks can be quite handy. While there are no easy replacements of high-speed pressure cooker, these tips can be useful in the absence of one.

5 Ways Of Cooking Chana Without Pressure Cooker:

1. Microwave

When you are looking for speed that pressure cooker offers, microwave is the best option. Its fast cooking technique through radiation process can cook your chane in almost the same time as pressure cooker.

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Microwave cooks food at a fast speed. 

2. Stove Top

If time is not much of a concern, let your chane cook in a regular saucepan on stove. You have to remember to add four times water of the quantity of chana. Once the water comes to a boil, bring down the flame to low and let it simmer for 1 to 2 hours depending on the extent you want the chana to soften.

3. Aluminium Foil

Cooking on stove but want to speed up the process? Here is an interesting hack to do it. After the water comes to a boil, cover the mouth of the pan firmly with aluminium foil sheet and then cover the pan with the lid. The aluminium foil will block the steam in the pan and will create pressure cooker-like effect.

4. Slow Pot

A slow pot or slow cooker or crackpot uses low temperatures and cooks slowly. It may take a long time to cook (7-8 hour) but you also get the extra benefits of slow cooking – your chana will be infused with more flavours and that smokiness will be all worth it.

5. Steamer

A steamer may not cook exactly like a pressure cooker with high-pressure steam but it will still emit enough steam to cook your chana. Steam you chana and when they are cooked enough, go ahead and mix it with the gravy of your choice.

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Steamer is a great alternative to cook raw foods. 

For proper cooking, always add salt and baking powder to chane while boiling or steaming. If you are not a pro with handling pressure cooking, use these alternative methods till you bring yourself up to speed. You don’t want your kitchen antics turning into jokes and memes, right?

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