• Pizza is one of the most loved dishes around the world
  • This Italian staple has many variations in different parts of the world
  • Here is how you can make a classic chicken pizza at home

If there’s one dish that has transcended beyond countries, continents and regions, it has to be the humble pizza. Just imagine the crispy crusts combined with an exciting blend of ingredients and a gooey cheesy top, no wonder pizza has a fan-following across age-groups! Native to Italy, pizza has found various different techniques, recipes and an interesting play of local ingredients in different parts of the world. From classic veg pan pizzas to ‘cheeseburst’, to thin crust and to pizza in a mug, you think of a unique pizza recipe and somewhere someone would already be baking it. But when it comes to a lazy weekend dinner with a chilled drink, we wish for nothing more than a freshly baked classic chicken pizza.

While the fast food chains all across the world have been successfully serving all sorts of pizzas to lure and satisfy our cravings, nothing beats a home-baked pizza. Baking a pizza not only gives you all the freedom to experiment as much as you want, but also gives you the power to control the portion and ingredients.

Here we have a classic chicken pizza recipe that one can bake at home in just 30 minutes!

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Chicken Pizza Recipe:

All you need is some chicken pieces, few sauces, veggies and a pizza base. While you can get a pizza base from the market easily, you can make pizza dough at home with this easy separate recipe here. For the chicken pizza, simply saute the chicken chunks in some oil along with ginger and garlic, stir it with pasta sauce and soy sauce and spread it over the pizza base. Top it with oodles of grated cheese and onion and bake for 10 minutes! If you like your pizza a little fiery throw in some chilli sauce and chilli powder as well.

Find the full recipe of chicken pizza here.

Try it over the weekend at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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