Dal is a staple across Indian homes.


  • Dal or lentl is brimming with health benefits
  • It isn’t just comforting to eat but also very easy to cook
  • Here’s a delicious dal tadka recipe that you can try at home

If there’s one food that never fails to spell comfort in an Indian meal, it has to be dal tadka. Not only is it easy to cook but light on stomach and comes with health benefits too. And let’s agree, no amount of burgers, pastas or fries can match a bowl of satiating dal tadka made at home! A plate full of piping hot dal, topped with crackling tadka and paired with fragrant basmati rice is always a welcome change.

Dal is a staple vegetarian dish across Indian households and is relished by kids and adults, alike. Top it with dollops of ghee, with pickles and onions on the side, and you’ll be in for a heavenly meal on your platter. While dal or lentils have a huge variety – from maa ki dal to traditional moong ki dal and urad ki dal – the classic dal tadka always wins the race!

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Not just that, dal tadka is packed with health benefits too. Chana dal is full of proteins and fibre. And since it is tempered in ghee for the dal tadka recipe, it amps up the health quotient.

We have a chana dal recipe here that you can try at home. In the recipe, cleaned and washed chana dal is cook with the water, salt, turmeric and ginger. It is combined with little sugar and fried coconut. The dal is simmered in a tempering of turmeric and red chilli before being served with a garnish of coriander leaves. Simple, quick and mouth-watering! This chana dal tadka is best served with piping hot chapatis, little salad on the side and dollops of ghee on top! It is a perfect pick for days when you simply want to laze around with a light, comforting yet wholesome meal which is easy to cook.

If you don’t have chana dal at home, you can also make dal tadka using moong or yellow masoor dal too.

Find the recipe of tadka dal here. Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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