• Protein helps keep you satiated
  • Dosa is mostly enjoyed with sambhar and chutney
  • Dosa can be of many kinds

If we were to start counting things we like about a dosa, we would perhaps fall short of words. There is absolutely nothing that we do not adore about a well-made dosa. The crispy crepe-like dish from South India is often paired with piping hot sambar and coconut chutney. There are many kinds of dosas across India of different shapes, size, colours and textures and it is in our bucket list to taste them all one day!

Dosa is also one of the most versatile snacks there can be. You can experiment as much as you want with the batter – think of creative fillings. If you are looking for healthy, high protein breakfast ideas, dosa could be a good idea. Here are 5 ways in which you can sneak in more protein in your dosa and give it a slightly more nutritious edge.

5 Ways To Make High-Protein Dosas:

1. You can try making the famous pesarattu dosa (click here for recipe). The delicious green gram dosa is native to Andhra Pradesh. It has a slightly thick texture and goes well with sambar and chutney.

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2. A ragi dosa (click here for recipe) is another healthy and yummy way to include both protein and fibre in your breakfast and accelerate your weight-loss goals.


3. Soya is said to be one of the best sources of plant-based protein, with these mini soya dosa made with whole wheat flour (click here for recipe). You cannot only stuff yourself with something good but also keep unwanted hunger pangs at bay.

4. Mixing the goodness of dals and dosa is perhaps the best news for your waistline. This mixed dal dosa (click here for recipe) made with goodness of not one or two but five dals is all things healthy and wholesome.
5. We have to admit that we have a soft corner for stuffed dosa. If you too are on the same boat as us, you should try filling it with something high-protein like paneer. We are sure you’d love it.


Try these ideas and let us know which ones you liked the best!

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