Tacos can be easily made at home.


  • Tacos are a popular Mexican food in India.
  • You can easily make tacos at home.
  • Here are 5 different taco recipes that you must try.

Mexican food is no more alien to us. For years now, we have been enjoying Mexican delights in restaurants and have gradually fallen for their fresh, tangy and cheesy flavours. Tacos – made of taco shells filled with a dynamic mix of veggies/meats, spices, lemon, sour cream, cheese etc. – are something nobody can dislike. You can choose soft tacos or hard taco shells and fill them whatever you want – fresh vegetables, meats, legumes, grains, salads with oodles of lip-smacking dressing. If you have always enjoyed tacos at restaurants, it’s time you try making them at home, as per your taste preference.

We have listed down 5 easy taco recipes for your next Mexican meal at home:

1. Guilt Free Chicken Tacos

Give your taco a ‘healthy’ twist by cooking marinated chicken in just one spoon of oil and stuffing it in lettuce cups instead or taco cups. Salsa dip makes up for everything you might miss in this healthy version of taco.

Full Recipe Here.

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Lettuce leaves can be used to healthy tacos. 

2. Jowar Tacos with Spicy Chicken

This recipe lets you make healthy taco cups with part jowar and part wheat flour. Spicy chicken with loads of veggies like lettuce, peppers, onions, tomatoes and corns are added to give you a bang of flavours and tons of nutrients.

Full Recipe Here.

3. Phulka Tacos

Don’t have taco wraps at home? Make taco with your regular light rotis. Layer the phulka with lettuce leaf and fill it with a rajma mixture made of boiled rajma and crushed soya mixed with onions, tomatoes and a range of spices. Drizzle some lemon juice and cheese to add more flavours.

Full Recipe Here.

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You can make tacos with light and thin rotis.

4. Paneer And Salsa Tortilla

Paneer lovers, this recipe is for you. Make desi-style tacos with a filling of paneer, tangy tomato sauce, onions, green chillies, chaat masala, lemon and more.

Full Recipe Here.

5. Exotic Vegetables Tacos

If you want to treat yourself with some restaurant-style, exotic Mexican food, try making this taco stuffed with vegetables like gherkins and olives. A topping of cheese and sour cream combined with pineapple vodka salsa and the regular tomato salsa, makes this dish an absolute delight.

Full Recipe Here.

Make your tacos just the way you want. These recipes will help you satiate your craving for this Mexican wonder right in the comfort of your home.

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