Banana idli with coconut sauce is a great meal.


  • Idli is one of the popular breakfast foods that is loved by many.
  • Give your idli a sweet makeover with banana coconut idli.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

South Indian Idli made with rice flour or sooji (semolina) is our go-to meal for a light and healthy breakfast or snack. Idli is quick and easy to make and is perfect to satiate our craving for some south Indian flavours. Idli itself is mild in flavours, but when paired with chutneys like coconut chutney or tomato chutney or sambar gives us a mouthfeel that pleases our taste buds to the hilt. Here, we are giving a surprise twist to the classic idli, making it sweet and fruity. Interested? Read on.

You may have never had idli in its sweet form; you may not even like the idea of it. But, this idli with natural sweetness of banana and lusciousness of coconut is a must-try. Don’t worry, this idli will still be a healthy option as the chef-special recipe uses a small amount of jaggery (gur) powder to sweeten it but you may also skip it if you want to. Banana and coconut are enough to infuse impressive flavours in the idli. And, don’t forget all the health benefits you’ll get from the two foods.

This idli is a great option for kids who never refuse anything ‘sweet’. Coming with lots of nutrition from the healthy foods of banana and coconut, you’ll love to serve it to them anyway, while enjoying the meal yourself.

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Idli is a popular south Indian meal. 

How To make banana coconut idli –

Here’s the complete, step-by-step recipe of banana coconut idli by chef Amit Puri –

First, you have to make banana idli by adding chopped banana pieces to the idli batter along with some salt, cardamom powder and jaggery powder. Pour the batter in idli moulds and steam to make the idlis. That’s it.

Now, idli has to be paired with a side dish. Since, we have made a sweet idli, we’ll make a sweet coconut-flavoured sauce to go with it. To make coconut jaggery sauce, all you have to do is heat coconut milk with some jaggery powder. Stir it till the jaggery is fully dissolved and you get a rich and thick sauce. Serve your banana idli with this creamy and sweet coconut sauce, and enjoy your sweet meal!

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