There are plenty of drinks and concoctions that are known to do wonders for digestion


  • Independence day is celebrated on 15th August
  • Masala chaas is an ancient remedy for poor digestion
  • Jaljeera is made with cumin seeds and mint

It has been a peculiar year in more ways than one. Staying indoors and minimising contact is the best way of showing care; this is why ‘celebrations’ are also a tad different now. With the 74th Independence Day right around the corner, our heart is filled with pride for a nation that has fought and braved so much in history. As we fight the pandemic together, the scale of celebrations may take a hit this time around, but we know it is all for the best, and for our safety and good health.  

The biggest lesson 2020 has taught us is that we must prioritise our health now. Speaking of health, Indian home remedies or nuskhas are now getting worldwide acclaim. There are plenty of drinks and concoctions that are known to do wonders for digestion, which as per Ayurveda is one of the most prime factors for good health.  

Here are some desi drinks that are known for their digestive benefits since ancient times. Have a look:

1. Jaljeera

This tangy drink made with mint water, spiced with cumin and chillies is an explosion of flavours. It is often served with a smattering of boondis that float pretty on top of the drink. Easily one of the most colourful, and healthy drinks we can never have enough of.  

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Jaljeera is made with many assorted spices

2. Kanji

Did you know the fermented drink from Rajasthan is a fine example of using local and seasonal produce to the hilt?! Kanji is usually made with fermenting veggies like carrots, beetroot or berries. Pronounced spices like mustard or asafoetida give this drink a zingy kick. It is good for both gut and digestion.


There are many ways of preparing Kanji

3. Masala Chaas

Chaas (or buttermilk) made with curd which is blended rigorously with salt and few spices is an ideal summer quencher. It can also do wonders for gut, because of the presence of curd. Curd also calms your stomach lining.  


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4. Sol Kadi

The Konkani drink made with the superfood kokum, coconut, hot water and garlic. It is mostly mellow, but packs a slightly hot punch too. The cool and refreshing kokum fruit helps cool down the stomach, and also  help manages many digestive troubles and liver issues.


Sol Kadi is a popular Konkani Drink

5. Aam Panna

Made with raw mangoes and digestion-friendly ingredients like cumin, rock salt and mint. Raw mangoes itself are packed with pectin fibres. Fibre adds bulk to stool and regulate digestion.  


Aam panna is made with raw green mangoes

How many of these drinks have you tried out? So let us know in the comments below!

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