• Parathas are mostly associated with the Punjabi food culture
  • Technique plays a major role in preparing the layers of lachha paratha
  • Lachha paratha can be made in both tawa and tandoor

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say parathas are one of the most-loved flatbreads in an Indian cuisine. If we explore, we will find different types of parathas in different part of India. While stuffed parathas are famous in the Northern part of India, soft and flaky parottas are loved by the people in the Southern part of the country. Again, there is quite diversity in the grains used for making these flatbreads – from atta to maida and to bajra. Legend has it, paratha originated in Indian subcontinent somewhere around 12th century and has alternative names in different regional cuisines. However, it is mostly associated with the North Indian (especially Punjabi) food culture.

Parathas are synonymous to staple food in the Punjabi cuisine and one of the most popular one is lachha paratha. What make this paratha unique are the multiple crispy and flaky layers of it.

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98kc99l8Did you know lachha in Punjabi means ‘rings’!

Traditionally made with whole wheat flour (atta), technique plays a major role in preparing the layers of lachha paratha. Hence, it becomes tough for several amateur chefs who struggle to get the layers right. What if we say, we got you covered!

Here’re two simple techniques for you to get a perfect crispy and flaky multi-layered lachha paratha, that too without using a pinch of maida in it. This recipe video has been shared by Vlogger Parul, on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Let’s take a look.

Here’s The Recipe Video For Crispy And Flaky Lachha Paratha:

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For the unversed, lachha in Punjabi means ‘rings’; if you go by the texture of the paratha, you will find ring like layers of it. Although, this recipe used tawa to cook the paratha, it can also be made in tandoor. This paratha goes well with number of veg and non-veg dishes including dal makhani, butter chicken, shahi paneer etc.

Try making lachha paratha at home with these two techniques and let us know how you like it!

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