Chicken kebabs are a delight to relish for non-vegetarians.

Butter chicken, tandoori chicken, chicken wings or chicken kebabs paired with tantalising chutney; doesn’t this sound like a heavenly treat to savour? For a true -blue chicken lover, this sure is one amazing meal that no one can resist. Chicken kebabs are one of the most loved non-vegetarian snacks at any given day. Just thinking about the sheer variety of kebabs makes us crave some right now! Shami kebab, seekh kebab or chicken reshmi kebabs are just some off the drool-worthy options that one can also find at a number of north Indian restaurants. Soft, succulent and juicy chicken kebabs paired with tantalising mint chutney, is what makes for a delightful platter that can instantly amp up a party menu.

Chicken malai kebab is one variety of kebabs that isn’t too popular but can be a great addition to a snacks menu to make it all the more interesting. If you love the combination of cheese and chicken, these kebabs are all you need to satiate the foodie in you. Picture a bowl full of succulent chicken chunks tossed in mouth-watering spices and dipped in cream and mozzarella cheese! Slurping, aren’t you?

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murgh malai kebab

Chicken malai kebab is a lip-smacking mix of chicken pieces combined with tantalising spices like ginger-garlic, nutmeg powder, green cardamom powder, black pepper, along with the tang of lime. It is mixed with a luscious mash of cream and mozzarella to marinate. These juicy chicken chunks are then put on skewers with a drizzle of olive oil and baked till perfectly crisp in an oven.

Find the full recipe of chicken malai kebab here.

A seamless balance of creamy, spicy and tangy, chicken malai kebab goes perfectly well with some coriander chutney and sliced onions on the side. You can top it with some more mozzarella cheese for an absolute delicious experience! A great appetiser to satiate chicken cravings, chicken malai kebab is also perfect to liven up your snacks table at the next dinner party at home.

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