These rice dhoklas can be an excellent addition to your snacks platter.


  • Gujarati cuisine has a huge variety of delightful snacks to try
  • Dhokla is the star dish from the cuisine that has taken over the world
  • Here is a delectable rice dhokla that you can try at home

Think of Indian snacks and one can instantly picture a plate full of decadent, rustic, spicy snacks such as pakodas and chaats. But go deeper into the regional Indian cuisines and you would find many more delicious delicacies that are light on the tummy, easy to prepare and simply irresistible! Gujarati cuisine, for instance, is one that is known to have many delicious light snacks – from crispy Fafda to feather-light Dhokla.

Soft and fluffy dhokla has made quite a place for itself in the world food platter. From being the most-ordered dish at snack shops across the country to a star-dish on the menu for dignitaries from around the world, Dhokla is a part of it all. One reason could be its fluffy texture that makes it light and easy to bite. With a generous drizzle of chutney and a crackling tempering on top, the balance of sweet and sour flavour just makes it the star of every party.

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Traditionally made with a fermented batter of gram flour (besan) and mild spices, dhoklas are not just delicious but are healthy too. There are many variations of dhokla and can be prepared in jiffy!

Here we have a spectacular rice dhokla recipe that you can make within 30 minutes! In this recipe, a smooth batter is made out of rice flour, suji, yogurt and sugar with oil and water. It is fermented overnight after adding lemon juice and asafoetida. Steamed to fuzzy, soft perfection, rice dhokla is tempered with a mix of mustard seeds and red pepper.

Find the full step-by-step recipe of rice dhokla here.

These beautiful white dhoklas can be a unique addition to your tea-time snacks menu.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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