Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Gujarati Bajre Ka Thepla At Home

Bajra is replete with health benefits

It would be safe to say that Gujarati foods popularity has now transcended many boundaries. Not only the neighbouring states, the whole country cannot seem to have enough of the Gujarati dishes. Dhokla, khandvi, fafda– there are a range of Gujarati farsaan or snacks that often walk away with almost all the limelight, but as it turns out, there’s so much more to Gujarati cuisine than what meets the eye. For instance, their focus seasonal eating and ingenious use local grains, cereals, millets and pulses. Bajre ka thepla is one fine example. Made with bajra or pearl millet, this flat-bread is made so thin that it comes with a characteristic crispness. You may call it a very thin version of a paratha, only less fried and greasy. Bajra is also a packed with many health benefits that may make you want to add the millet to your diet right away.

Bajra or Pearl Millet Health Benefits:

  • It is a gluten-free pseudo-grain. If you have gluten intolerance, you may consider adding more bajra to your diet.
  • Bajra is replete with healthy fibres that help promote healthy digestion and weight loss too.
  • Since it is loaded with complex carbs, it digests slowly, and thus does not cause abnormal blood sugar spikes.
  • It is extremely good for your gut health too, and the credit goes to its insoluble fibre content.
  • It is packed with healthy antioxidants like tricin, luteolin and acacetin.
  • Bajra also makes for a good source of iron and phosphorous.
  • Being a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, Bajra is good for heart and cholesterol.

Here is the full recipe of Bajre ka thepla.

Flavoured with chillies and garlic, the ever-so-versatile theplas can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can serve it with pickle, yogurt or any sabzi of your choice. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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