• India is known for its variety of spicy dishes
  • Laal maas is a one of the spiciest dishes of India
  • Here is how you can cook fiery laal maas at home

With a land as diverse as India, it is natural to have a variety of regional dishes too. India is known for its many regional cuisines that have struck a chord worldwide. Be it the rustic flavours of Punjab or the comforting, coconut-y ones from the south, regional cuisines and delicacies of India have made a mark across the globe. And not just for the variety but also for the fiery, spice quotient as well!

Be it a simple dish of dal or the rich Indian curries, without a tadka of spice, it is simply incomplete. Indian dishes are known for being a little too spicy. So much that they often leave people with runny noses and grappling for water! And yet there are certain Indian dishes which are way above a normal spice level, made with exclusive chillies in large quantities. Laal Maas is one such fiery dish from Rajasthan that is a must-try for every spice lover!

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Literally translated to ‘Red Meat’, Laal Maas is prepared with ingredients native to the state such as mustard oil and a special variety of red chillies known as Mathania, which is also the source of the dish’s fiery hot flavour and the bold red colour. Known to be adored by the King of Mewar for its spicy flavour, this iconic dish is slow-cooked with chillies, meat, yogurt, spices and herbs until it is seared. The extensive use of local Mathania chillies is sure to make you sweat and burst your ears and taste buds!

Laal Maas Recipe:

And if you are thinking that this classic Rajasthani dish from the royal kitchens is tough to crack at home, we’ve got you covered with a stellar Laal Maas recipe. The recipe uses the same local ingredients with cut lamb sautéed together to a fragrant, spicy, rich curry that is perfect for a royal dinner. Serve it with rice or chapati to relish one of the spiciest dishes of India at home!

Find the full recipe of Laal Maas here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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