You can make the masala for pav bhaji right inside your kitchen in a few minutes.


  • Pav bhaji is one of the most popular street food in India
  • It is made across Indian homes too
  • Here’s how you can make the masala for pav bhaji at home in 3 steps

When you think of drool-worthy street foods of India, pav bhaji might top it all. More so, because it is one of the most popular street foods that has also won a permanent place in every restaurant menu as well as in Indian homes. Cooked in oodles of butter giving a flavourful edge, bhaji is an amalgamation of veggies while butter-roasted pav makes a tempting accompaniment. No wonder pav bhaji is a mouth-watering combination that is loved across age groups.

Now you can cook street-style pav bhaji at home, thanks to the readymade pav bhaji masalas one can get in the market. But did you know you could make fresh pav bhaji masala at home as well without any hassle? While it’s easier to buy a pack from the market but there’s always something special and fresh about whatever we prepare at home. First of all, you would know it is fresh and not processed; and secondly, you can make as much of pav bhaji powder as you want – store it for future use for as long as you wish. After all who wouldn’t like a fresh, homemade masala to cook their favourite dishes?!

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And if you think making pav bhaji masala from scratch at home would be quite a task, here’s a simple, easy and quick recipe that will take you by surprise!

This 3-step pav bhaji masala recipe includes a host of spices such as cardamoms, peppercorns, patthar phool, tamal patra, java patra, cloves and cinnamon. The spices are sautéed with oil over low heat along with Bengal gram, sesame seeds and dried coconut. It is cooled and grounded to a powder which you can store in an airtight jar. Voila! The pav bhaji masala is ready for use anytime you want to relish the street food delight.

Find the full recipe of pav bhaji masala here. Try at home the next time you are craving pav bhaji and let us know you experience in the comments section below.

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