In the Indian culinary world, ‘chaat’ has occupied a very significant spot. Scores of tourists and travelers come looking for authentic chaat in India, and head back with memories. The lip-smacking amalgamation of chutney, yogurt and spices manages to take us by awe and surprise even today. And will we ever stop fighting for that last papdi lying in the plate? We guess not. So for the unversed, chaat encompasses a range of toothsome snacks like gol gappa, papdi chaat, dahi bhalla et al. And if you observe closely, all these snacks are bursting with an intricate interplay of flavours. If you are a fan of chaat, you would be well- aware of the role chutney plays in making your chaat all the more eclectic.
Tangy and delectable sonth ki chutney is chaat staple we cannot do without. It has the right amount of tang, pungency, and hotness to uplift the flavour of your gol gappa or bhalla papdi. It is fairly easy to make sonth ki chutney at home and you don’t even need any exotic ingredients to put it together.

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gol gappa

Sonth is basically dried ginger powder. This sweet and tangy tamarind chutney gets its pungency with ginger in sonth ki chutney. The sweetness here is derived by jaggery. This chutney is also vrat-friendly since it uses rock salt or sendha namak in place of table salt. Make sure you soak tamarind in water for a few hours until it is soft and pulpy. Strain it and add enough water until it gets a nice pouring consistency that of a chutney.

Here is a step-by-step recipe of making sonth ki chutney at home.

In addition to chaat, you can use this chutney to dunk in a range of your evening snacks like samosa, aloo tikki or bread pakoda. You can also use it as a spread for your desi burgers or sandwich. This could also make for a nice accompaniment for your mains (think: rajma chawal and chhole bhature). There are options galore!

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Try this amazing sonth ki chutney at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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