Walnuts, besides being highly nutritious are also very versatile.


  • Walnuts are rich with many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • They are also very versatile in the kitchen
  • Here are delicious walnut kebabs that you can try this monsoon season

Let’s just agree that our evening cup of piping hot tea is as important as other meals of the day. And the monsoon season is, perhaps, the best time to enjoy some tea along with mouth-watering snacks! Whether it is some crispy pakodas, cheela, omelette or juicy kebabs, we are often spoilt with the choice to go with our evening cuppa. Kebabs are one of the most popular snacks across age-groups. Soft, succulent and juicy kebabs make for an interesting munch in the rainy season.

While the classic veg kebabs or succulent chicken kebabs have been a favourite for a long time, how about trying a nutty walnut kebab this monsoon? Yes, you read that right! Nuts have long been proven to be highly nutritious with countless health-benefiting properties, and walnuts are no different. The brown, crunchy nut with a hard shell is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients, and is replete with health benefitting properties. including weight management. Besides having a nutrient-rich profile, walnuts are extremely versatile when it comes to cooking! From dense smoothies and rich curries to kebabs, walnuts can find their way to our kitchen through many delicious ways.

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Walnut kebab is one such impressive dish that is perfect to spruce up a regular snacks’ platter for your house parties or for untimely monsoon cravings. The recipe has sautéed walnuts, carrots, potatoes and ginger-garlic paste, ground together, combined with lip-smacking spices, gram flour and walnut powder. The mixture is then shaped into kebabs and cooked over a pan. You can serve these soft, nutty kebabs with chutney of your choice along with a few chopped walnuts.

Find the full recipe of walnut kebabs here.

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Walnuts are a powerhouse of energy and are considered a superfood with hosts of nutrients. The combination of powerful nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, proteins, antioxidants, manganese and copper in walnuts, fuels the body with sufficient nourishment for a longer time and keeps hunger pangs away, which in turn can boost weight loss too!

So, the next time you’re looking for a unique and yummy snack to pair your tea with, a few walnuts in the kitchen can come handy for some mouth-watering kebabs!

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