• Pre-season the non-stick pan with cooking oil
  • Avoid over-heating the non-stick pan
  • Always use wooden or plastic spatula in a non-stick pan

Do you have a non-stick cookware at home? The answer will be, ‘of course I do’! Non-stick cookware is a very common utensil in every house-hold. One of the most common reasons behind the popularity is its special coating that keeps the food from sticking to the base of the pan; as a result one can cook food in less amount of oil and also clean the utensil easily. These are the reasons behind people gradually replacing their steel and aluminium cookware with the non-stick ones.

These non-stick cooking utensils are coated with a (synthetic) material called Teflon. Though teflon-coated cookware requires less amount of oil to cook, making the food healthy, there have been concerns over possibility of flaking off of the Teflon-coat from the pan (and mixing with food). Hence taking special care of the utensils is a must so that the non-stick coating lasts longer.

Here Are Some Tips To Increase The Life Of The Non-Stick Pans:

1. Before cooking, season the pan with cooking oil. Instead of pouring oil directly to the pan, grease it with soaked kitchen towel. Like this, you can use less oil for cooking and also keep the non-stick coat safe.

2. Avoid over-heating the pan. It is said that over-heating may lead to breakdown of the teflon coating. Right temperature of the heat can be understood by a simple butter test- if the butter bubbles in the pan, the heat is right.

3. Always use wooden or plastic spatula in a non-stick pan. Metal spatula can lead to starches on the base.

4. You should always hand-wash a non-stick utensil. Either use soft sponge and rub gently or fill the pan halfway with water and some vinegar and boil.

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Follow these simple steps to increase the shelf life of your non-stick utensils and make cooking healthier. Happy cooking!

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