Amidst the threats of Covid-19 pandemic, the world is all set to mark International Yoga Day 2020 on June 21 (Sunday), with the theme ‘Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home’ as suggested by the United Nations. Celebrated annually since 2015, this day aims to raise awareness among people worldwide about the benefits of practicing yoga. More than just a physical activity, the word ‘yoga’ in Sanskrit means “to join or to unite, symbolising the union of body and consciousness”, as per the UN’s official website.

Yoga preaches the importance of individuals making healthier choices in life for a healthy lifestyle pattern and we couldn’t agree more! Hence, health experts always advise a healthy diet pattern, along with yoga, for an overall fit body and mind.

Keeping this in mind, consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta shared a few ‘desi’ beverages options that can be consumed post yoga sessions to make it more effective and sustainable. “Hydration post yoga is important for restoring water and minerals lost during workouts and recover the tissues and muscles. You may go for drinks like bael ka sherbet, aam panna, chaas, numbu paani and coconut water after your yoga sessions. All these drinks are seasonal and made from whole, fresh and natural ingredients. These drinks can easily be made at home, hence, you can make avoid adding sugar to make them healthier. All these drinks also help us keep well hydrated throughout the day,” says Rupali Datta.

International Yoga Day:┬áLet’s Find Out The Benefits Of These 5 Drinks For Your Post Yoga Sessions-

Bael Ka Sherbat

Bael (or wood-apple) is packed with number of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Hence, this drink is dubbed to be an excellent for digestion and strengthening immunity. Click here for the recipe.

Aam Panna

Made with raw mangoes, aam panna is one of the most delectable drinks during summer season. Other than helping to beat the heat, it is a fabulous phyto-nutrient and anti-oxidant-rich drink that replenish the mineral levels in the body. It is also loaded with roasted jeera and black salt, which are considered good for rehydration and a good digestive system. Click here for the recipe.


This traditional drink needs no separate introduction. It is light, rich in probiotics and a great tool for hydration and healthy metabolism. Experts further say that inclusion of roasted jeera to the drink accelerate the digestion process. Click here for the recipe.

Nimbu Paani

It is a go-to drink for people since ages. Rupali Dutta suggests inclusion of nimbu paani in your daily diet with two lemons and a pinch of rock salt to get balance sodium and potassium content in your body. Click here to know three different nimbu paani recipes.

Fresh Coconut Water

A glass of fresh coconut water is touted to be the nature’s natural oral rehydration drink; it’s fresh and soothing and helps revitalising our body. It is low in calories and rich in potassium and is dubbed have better hydrating qualities than plain water.

This International Yoga Day, lets pledge to opt a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle for a fit and happy mind and body.

Happy International Yoga Day 2020!

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