• Raw bananas are also called kacha kola in Bengali
  • Raw bananas make for a versatile kitchen ingredient
  • Raw bananas are very healthy

From indulgent sweets to feisty fish preparations, there is something about Bengali cuisine that pleases all .The vivid use if local and seasonal vegetables in Bengali cuisine is also perhaps what makes it so distinct and unique. From gourd vegetables to raw, the vegetable curries of Bengal  are a variegated affair. Raw banana is one of the most beloved kitchen ingredients in Bengal, there are a number of preparations with ‘kacha kola’ or raw banana as the star ingredient. This kacha kolar kofta belongs to the same illustrious league.  

Kofta as we all know are round, fried dumplings that are tossed in a spicy gravy. This Bengali style kofta not only comprises the goodness of raw bananas, possibly one of the best foods for your tummy but also crumbled paneer and panch phoron- a Bengali spice mix made with five different spices. This kofta is an ideal way to serve your kids some raw bananas without dealing with their fussy tantrums. We are sure this raw banana kofta will be a hit across age groups. To make sure your koftas do not break, mould them in small round balls, deep fry them and keep it aside, and only include them in the gravy towards the later stage.    

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Since the koftas have paneer as well, it gives a very wholesome quality to the whole dish, As we all know paneer is pretty dense, it is also rich in protein that helps keep you full and prevent the urge to over-eat and thus aid wait loss. So if you are looking for high-protein desi curries, this could be an option.

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You can pair this kofta with steaming hot rice, papad and chutney for a wholesome meal. Try this recipe at home and let us know how you like it. 

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